Monday, March 16, 2009

First Blog Ever....Holla

My first blog ever...i would have never thunk it. im not really sure what to write about??? life? people? food? how i watched 4 hours of law and order last night? whatever ima just ramble. well im 19 year old college kid living in staten island...yeah....interests include painting, drawing, eating peanut butter out of the jar, sports, hiking, camping, filmmaking, boxer briefs, having a good nap, movies, deli sandwitches, and music. i have plenty of acquaintances but few real friends that i love. as of right now im on spring break chillin in the casa. ive been making plans most of the day for a trip im going on this summer with one of my best friends. as a avid outdoors lover, we are going cross country hitting up 13 national parks along the way. so as preparation for the trip i went into the city to AAA.there they give you all these free maps and if you give them the places your planning to visit they do like a mapquest thing but 100x better and list the quickest route and full visual. im pretty life to the fullest. 

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